Monday, January 7, 2019

Kicking off Our 2019 Robofest Season: Binary Blocks

Meeting for Week 1
January 7/January 10

Season Overview
  • Club Goals
    • Support building school community
    • Encourage interest and participation in STEM
    • Promote teamwork, communication, and leadership skills
  • Important Dates
    • Club Meetings Mondays or Thursdays (no school, no meeting)
    • March 23: Gallimore Qualifying Competition
    • April TBD: Robofest Qualifying Invitationals
    • May 16-18: Robofest World Championship
  • Your Team
    • 3 or 4 students
      • Students will do ALL of the work
      • planning, building, programming, and problem-solving
      • learning and student-ownership is the goal
    • 1 or more coach
      • help team stay on task during club meetings
      • help team make decisions and get help when needed 
      • help team understand the rules of the game
      • help register team and complete forms
      • ensure team has all materials and supplies
      • monitor team progress and help with time management
Starting Work for the Season
What You Need

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