Monday, December 14, 2015

4th/5th Grade Robotics Club update and meeting time

We now have enough team leaders.  Your coaches are:

Cara Wegrzyn
Anjali Kedar
Sharad Singhal 
Matt Tobey
Swathi Bangera
Jun Hong
Xiang Wu
Ashok Pathak
Hiten Shah
Frank Reeves
Robb Pratt
Sreenivas Kuchibhatla
Gopal Garim
Suze Cormendy
Ramakrishna Nallani
Xiang Wu
Jun Hong
Matt Tobey
Saida Rahman
Joe Rork

Some will be co-leading teams, one will be taking on MULTIPLE teams, all have my gratitude!

We will be having a meeting THIS WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 16TH at 6:30 PM in the media center at the school.  At that meeting, we will be forming teams, discussing the contest rules and the objectives, sharing season schedule, sharing the cost of dues, and demonstrating the robotics programming environment.  Please plan to have your child there with an adult, which does not have to be a parent.  However this person must be able to make decisions such as availability.  Please plan to bring a checkbook or credit card to pay dues if you intend to join.  Again, dues will be announced at the meeting because we haven't totally figured them out yet.  Also, if anyone is in financial hardship, please contact me and I will work with you.

IF YOU CANNOT MAKE IT WEDNESDAY, do not worry.  All of the information shared will be provided later.  We may even have a make-up day.

IF YOU ARE NOT SURE YOUR CHILD IS GOING TO JOIN, you are still not committed by any means at this point.  However if you are receiving this email and do not intend to join, please let me know.  If you are on the fence, not to worry either.  Please come to the meeting to find out what the plans are and make a choice then.  Please let me know either way.

Coaches will be receiving a separate email with more information shortly.



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