Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Shortage of adult volunteers

4th/5th Grade Robotics

We currently only have 2 adult volunteers and 70 interested students.  Using the ratios suggested to us by the Robofest guide, we can accommodate 8 students.  That leaves 62 with no coach!   

Please volunteer!

3rd Grade Programming

We currently have 2 adult volunteers for 34 interested students.  We have a little more flexibility with capacity here, but 34 3rd grades is too many for 2 adults.  4 students is probably the right mix, 5 max.  That leaves several students without a coach!

Please volunteer!

Please volunteer!

Please volunteer!

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  1. Joe,

    One suggestion that I have is to further explain what your volunteering needs are. I know that there are parents out there who would like to help but are feeling hesitant because they are unsure of what the commitment looks like for them or unable to lead, but can for example help children with programming.

    Hope that helps you obtain more helpers.